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Oracle DB Developer - Oracle, PL-SQL

Company: Deutsche Telecom, Frankfurt

Technology: Oracle, PL-SQL

Link: Not available

People in the project: Stefan Tröhler

Implementation period: Jun 2011 – Sep 2011

Cost: no details

Performance tuning of the Intercall database of Deutsche Telekom. The Intercall database processes the roaming call data of Deutsche Telekom customers worldwide. The roaming times are processed, which are ultimately decisive for the roaming amount on each customer's bill. The task was a complete performance tuning of this database. The database was developed using Oracle and PL SQL.

  • Stabilising the existing application and increasing the performance of the existing
  • Writing efficient SQL statements (PL-SQL).
  • Memory optimisation.
  • Reduce hard disk access.
  • Optimise existing PL-SQL code.
  • Testing and documentation (user and technical).
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