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CREATING A WORKING TECHNICAL STRATEGY for web projects. Database. Complex projects. Where to begin.

Web projects are not only beautiful design and user-friendly interface. Behind every website or app is a complex technical architecture that keeps it functioning and secure. How to create a working technical strategy for web projects of varying complexity and scale? In this post, we will cover some of the basic principles and steps involved in developing a technical strategy.

What is a technical strategy?


E-commerce is a business area that is constantly growing and evolving. Every year there are new technologies, trends and opportunities for creating and promoting online stores. In this article, we will look at some of them.

The list of CMS on which you can create online stores

CMS is a content management system that allows you to create and edit websites without the need to know programming. There are many CMS that specialize in e-commerce and offer various features and tools for working with products, orders, payments and shipping. Some of the most popular eCommerce CMS are:

  • WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that turns any site on this platform into an online store. WooCommerce has a large community of developers and users, as well as many extensions and themes to customize your store to suit your needs.
  • Shopify is a cloud-based platform for creating and managing online stores. Shopify provides everything you need to start and grow your online business: hosting, domain, design, functionality, marketing, and analytics. Shopify also has its own App Store where you can find apps to enhance the store experience.
  • Magento is a powerful and flexible e-commerce CMS suitable for large and complex projects. Magento is open source and can be customized to suit any business needs and specifics. Magento also has a large selection of third party modules and themes.

Frameworks for e-commerce

A framework is a set of libraries and tools that make it easier and faster to develop web applications. E-commerce frameworks are designed to create online stores from scratch using any programming language. E-commerce frameworks typically provide basic product, shopping cart, order, and payment functionality, as well as APIs for integration with other services. Some of the most popular eCommerce frameworks are:

  • Django is a Python framework that is used to create web applications of any complexity. Django has a "batteries included" principle, that is, it includes everything you need for development: ORM, admin, templates, forms, authentication, etc. To create online stores on Django, you can use special packages, such as Oscar or Saleor.
  • Laravel is a PHP framework that allows you to write beautiful and clean code using modern practices and standards. Laravel has many components for working with databases, caching, queues, validation, testing, etc. To create online stores on Laravel, you can use special packages, such as Aimeos or Bagisto.
  • Ruby on Rails is a Ruby framework known for its speed and ease of development. Ruby on Rails follows the "convention over configuration" principle, that is, it minimizes the amount of code and configuration required to create a web application. To create online stores on Ruby on Rails, you can use special gems, such as Spree or Solidus.

Renting shops on ready-made sites. Beneficial or not?

Another way to create an online store is to rent it from a ready-made site that provides everything you need to start and manage an online business. Such sites usually take a certain commission on sales or a subscription fee for using their services. Examples of such sites:

  • Etsy is a marketplace for selling and buying handmade, vintage and unique items. Etsy gives sellers the ability to create their own store with a custom design and name, upload product photos and descriptions, set prices, and set shipping methods. Etsy also helps sellers promote their products through advertising, SEO, social media, and more.-
  • AliExpress is a platform for selling and buying goods from China and other countries. AliExpress gives sellers the opportunity to create their own store with a logo and information about the company, upload photos and product descriptions, set prices and delivery methods. AliExpress also protects buyers from fraud and low-quality goods through a system of reviews, ratings and disputes.
  • Amazon is a platform for selling and buying various products from millions of sellers around the world. Amazon gives sellers the ability to create their own store with company name and information, upload product photos and descriptions, set prices, and set shipping methods. Amazon also offers merchants various services to improve their business, such as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), Amazon Advertising, Amazon Prime, and more.

Renting stores on ready-made sites has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this is a convenient and quick way to start selling on the Internet without the need to deal with development, hosting, design, etc. On the other hand, this means dependence on the rules, conditions and commissions of the platform, as well as competition with other sellers in the same market.

We offer you a ready-made online store in one day. Choose and start your business.

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